Eveline Kotai was born in 1950 and lives in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is a member of the Art Collective WA (managed by Felicity Johnston).

While Eveline has used a variety of media during the course of her 35-year art practice, over the past 12 years she has concentrated on the theme of material dissolution and regeneration. Recent exhibitions Infinite Threads (2012), Subdivision (2014) and Writing on Air (2015) all draw their titles from the artist’s symbolic and material interpretation of the nature of change.

Eveline’s unique technique of cutting up and reworking paintings into new compositions echoes a world in constant transition. Not only do her methods provide a constant source for new beginnings, but the action of cutting and stitching canvasses have become an important meditative practice that is reflected in her final pieces. Works that may previously have been representational are sequentially dismantled so that the remodelled ‘palette’ becomes the impetus for new directions.

Inherent in the synergies that unfurl are further iterations of nature itself.  The complex combinations of tone, colour and surface merge into harmonies that are reminiscent of life’s underlying cycles - sensed but not easily recognised.

Eveline's work offers a space for contemplation that distills her ongoing inquiry into the correlations between art, life and nature.


PRESS (recent)


“In recent years she has developed a unique style whereby she cuts up her paintings into thin strips, and reassembles them as tightly knitted grids, using a sewing machine to attach the strips to a canvas with invisible thread. The method is infinite in its applications, and this exhibition is virtuosic in its stylistic variations…While her structures may be rigid, Kotai uses colour to create patterns and rhythms that dance on the canvas.”

John McDonald, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 25, 2012

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2014 Subdivision – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2013 New Works – Art Collective WA, Perth
2013 New Works – EHDO Quarters, Fremantle
2012 Infinite Threads – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2010 New Works – Depot Gallery,Sydney
2010 Recent Paintings – Perth Galleries
2006 Correspondence/Review Show – Perth Galleries
2005 Studio Show – WGV STUDIOS, Fremantle
2003 Invisible Threads – Perth Galleries
2002 (with Jeremy Kirwan Ward) SWAP – Diane Tanzer GalleryMelbourne
2001 New Work – Perth Galleries
2000 Recently Drawing – Perth Galleries
1999 Mark Howlett Commission #5 Exhibition – Perth Galleries
1996 Natural Selection – Perth Galleries
1995 Quilt (Festival of Perth) – Perth Galleries
1991 Woodcuts – Fremantle Arts Centre
1989 Drawings – Fremantle Arts Centre
1988 Margaret River Drawings – Perth Galleries
1987 Margaret River Drawings  Greenhill Galleries, Perth
1986 Margaret River Drawings – Greenhill Galleries, Perth
1984 Drawings – Greenhill Galleries, Perth
1980 Drawings – Nolan Room, University of Western Australia


2016 Material Interface - Art Collective WA, Perth
2015 Patternation - Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea NSW
2015 Design Circus - Ex 7 (Mobilia) - State Theatre Perth
2015 Writing on Air - Art Collective WA, Perth
2015 Abstraction 14 - Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Conny Dietzschold Gallery Stand - Sydney Contemporary (Art Fair)
2015 Conny Dietzschold Gallery Stand - Art Central Hong Kong (Art Fair)
2015 Mid West Art Prize - Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
2015 Art Collective Down South - Holmes a Court Gallery, Vasse Felix - Artists from the WA Collective
2014 25th Anniversary – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2013 New Australian Painting – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2013 Abstracting the Collection: Works from the Cruther’s Collection of Women’s Art – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
2013 Blake Touring Exhibition – Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne
2012 Mid-West Art Prize- Geraldton Regional Gallery
2012  Art Stage Singapore – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2012 Selections From the Studio: An Artist’s Choice – Perth Galleries
2012 MHF20 – Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle
2011 Fleurieu Landscape Prize 2011 Finalists Exhibition – Hardy’s Winery, South Australia
2011 Director’s Cut – Blake Prize, Sydney
2011 Out of the West: Art of Western Australia from the National Collection – National Gallery, Canberra
2011  KIAF 2011, Seoul – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2011  10th Anniversary & Relocation – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2011  Art Hong Kong 2011 – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2011  Art Stage Singapore – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2011 The Window and the Door – Perth Galleries
2010 Home Open – Fremantle Arts Centre
2010 Accrochage Interstate – Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2010 Sensational – Fremantle Arts Centre
2010 HMC Residency Exhibition – Duna Gallery, Budapest
2009 HMC Residency Exhibition – Ferencvarosi Gallery, Budapest
2009 You Show Us Yours – We’ll Show You Ours/ Public and Private – Holmes a Court Gallery, Perth
2008 Unity through Diversity – Cosmology Gallery Gravity Centre, Gin-Gin, W.A.
2007 The Smaller Picture – Perth Galleries
2006 One Thing after Another – Sets and Series in Australian Art – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
2006 Mix 2006 – Perth Galleries
2005 Natural Selection – Perth Galleries
2004 Mix Tape – Art Gallery of W.A.
2004, 2002, 2000 Melbourne Art Fair – Perth Galleries Stand, Melbourne
2003 The First Decade: Mark Howlett Foundation – Art Gallery of W.A.
2003 Living on the Edge – Fremantle Maritime Museum
2001 Acquisitions 2001 – National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
1999 War Myth and Memory – VCA Gallery, Melbourne
1997 Read my Lips-Art and Text – Fremantle Arts Centre
1996 Memory, Place, Identity – Fremantle Arts Centre
1996 Fragments – Art Gallery of Western Australia
1995 Studio FX – Fremantle Arts Centre
1994 New Romantics – Art Gallery of WA
1991 Festival of Perth, Artists’ Artists + Room with a View – Fremantle Arts Centre
1990 Small Scale, Still Life – Nolan Room, University of WA
1987 Five West Australian Artists  Holdsworth Contemporary Gallery, Sydney
1984 George Haynes & Friends – Greenhill Galleries


2016 City of Albany Art Awards (short-listed)
2013 City of Armadale Gerry Gauntlett Award
2012 61st Blake Art Prize – Co-winner
2009 Hungarian Multicultural Centre Residency – Budapest
2004 Painting Prize Artitude + Collaborative Design – Design Institute of WA
2002 Bankwest Contemporary Art Award
2001 Cossack Prize, City of Stirling Award
1998 Mark Howlett Foundation, Fellow #5
1988 South West Survey Prize
1987 Oceanic Equity Award
1986 Bunbury City Art Purchase Award
1978 Perth City Portrait Prize


Fritz Hansen Museum, Copenhagen
National Gallery of Australia ACT
Parliament House ACT
Art Gallery of Western Australia
Christensen Fund
City of Fremantle
City of Perth
Edith Cowan University
Holmes a Court
Kerry Stokes Collection
King Edward Memorial Hospital
Lady Cruthers Collection – UWA
Mark Howlett Foundation Collection
Murdoch University
Royal Perth Hospital
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
University of Western Australia
Wesfarmers Collection
Private Collections Australia & overseas


2015 Transformer Facade - Elizabeth Quay (& Mathews+Scavali Architects)
2015 Food & Beverage Outlet #4 (facade) - Elizabeth Quay (in collaboration with Matthews+Scavali Architects)
2015 WA Museum Storage Facilities - Artwork collaboration - Margaret Dillon, Penny Bovell, Eveline Kotai, JCY Architects
2014 Duncraig Senior High School - Paterson Group Architects
2014 Wanneroo Senior High School Year 7 Facilities Stage 2 – DWA Architect
2010 Stage Design for Newman Town Centre Park– BHP Legacy project - collaboration
2009 Wanneroo Senior High School Refurbishment – DWA Architects % for Art Commission
2009 Station St Wall Design – Subi Centro, 2009 Rockingham Hospital – Percent for Art
2004 Carpet Design - All Saints College Early Childhood Centre